Jan 31, 2011

"Chinese Curling City" Is Becoming the Namecard of Yichun City


Located in the northeast of Heilongjiang Province , Yichun has abundant woods just like other Chinese northeastern cities such as Harbin , Jilin , etc. Although with ice, snow, ice fog, woods, river, what could make the city standout? Now, an answer came out: Sports Tour with Curling.

Now, curling is still at start stage in China and very few Chinese people had played it, but the sports is really suitable for our Asians, as it has modest exercise intensity, requires team work and tactics, is easy to start with. Yichun will make a ¡°Happy Forest Ice and Snow Season¡±, which includes skiing, hunting, curling¡­, to provide tourists with a unique sports tour project. Within the 3 coming years, Yichun will have 3 government-funded curling fields and several enterprise-sponsored ones.





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