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About TIANO-S04 - TIANO Iceless Granite Curling Stone for any Imitation Ice


Tiano iceless granite curling stone - TIANO-S04 is made of Tiano high-quality granite for imitation ice.


As it can be used throughout a year of 4 seasons, it is also called Four Season Granite Curling Stone, Years Round Curling Stone .


Standard Supply Items of Tiano Iceless Granite Curling Facility:


An imitation curling ice, which is 2m in width; 10m, 15m, 20m or 30m in length which is optional; 1 set (8 stones) of iceless granite curling stones.


Customization Supported


Tiano Company Can Customize Iceless Granite Curling Stones of any Size According to Users' Requirements


Tiano Iceless Granite Curling Stone Suits for:

Tiano iceless granite curling stone suits for playing in lounge, cuntry club, community centre or your house.





         Tiano Imitation Curling Sheet


                We provide standard imitation curling sheets of 2m in width, 10m, 15m, 20m, 30m and 45m in length.

                We can also provide any size of imitation ice as you required according to your space.

                You can order only iceless granite curling stones for your own imitation ice (sheet).







   Video: Tiano 2-purpose Granite Curling Stone Sliding on Imitation Ice


   Video: Tiano 2-purpose Granite Curling Stone In Hong Kong Club

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